New book is underway

Hello to all:

Book two of my series: Parasite is more than 40,000 words and moving along quickly. The title will be: Parasite: The Recovery. After the plague, the main character, Rodger Fields, starts working in down town Phoenix, AZ to feed and again give the people a sense of humanity. There is a gang called The Southwest Eaters (SWE) who has been stealing young children and after torturing the kids they put them on a spit and roast them for food. Rodger and his hand-schooled army go after them. I hope you will buy my first book and then look for my second. The third and last book in the series is titled:Parasite: The New Government. It will have a lot to say about getting and keeping the money-grubbing politicians out of government. You will simply love what the new president does to turn our country around and to make it once again the most powerful, prosperous, God-fearing country in the world.

Please feel free to leave a coment on this site as I love to hear from my family, friends, and readers.

I also understand that I have a fan that has started a fan club for me. She read my book proof and declared “She is a genius and I can’t wait to read her next book!” While I don’t think of myself as a genius, I do think my book, Parasite, is a great read and every person who has read it says “It plays like a movie in my head while I’m reading it.” So, read it yourself and then tell me what you think.

With best regards,

B. A. Cole


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