It’s a new month so it’s time for me to put up a new post.

     I’ve been working hard on book II of my Pestilence trilogy: Pestilence: The Recovery. The SWE gang are still causing trouble, Ellen and Rodger are having their first argument, their family is growing, the city of Phoenix is starting to shine, and they continue to find survivors in the area. The book is fast paced with a lot of gun-play, emotional strife, life-saving, and fear of what the future holds for the survivors.

     The main characters continue to grow; they are always willing to put their lives on-the-line for the rest of humanity. With more and more survivors depending on them for simple survival items such as food and water and with their own supplies dwindling they must push even harder to capture the gang with their cannibal ways, and to teach the city survivors to learn how to farm, learn new technical and jobbing abilities, to co-exist as neighbors  and friends in their newly constructed social environment, and how to protect themselves and their neighborhoods from the child-stealing gangs.


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