New Book: “Parasite the Recovery” by B. A. Cole

Hello to all:

I know it has been awhile, but I started and finished  another book and have been busy sending it out to publishers. The new book is titled: “Echoes of Evil.”  It is a paranormal with some adult content. One publisher told me that “I was a very good writer and that I should keep sending this manuscript out.” Her publishing house was only looking for mysteries at that time or she would have bought it. But I was getting calls and letters from people who had read “parasite” and they wanted to know when the second book in the series was coming out. They were especially interested in the wedding. They wanted to know if the wedding was going to take place or if Rodger had been mortally wounded or captured by the gang who had been abusing children and then roasting them on a metal rod  over a hot fire and then eating them. So I am hot on the tail of getting “Parasite the Recovery” completed. I’m more than half way there and working on it every day. Please be patient as I promise not to take even one day off until it is up and published.

I have heard that a lot of readers are having trouble finding my first book “Parasite” and Amazon is not helping.  The problem is that search engines have trouble finding titles when initials are used in the title. Unfortunately I did not know this until after I published the book. Instead of using my full name I used B. A. Cole and now it doesn’t want to come up even with the title of the book  displayed next to the name. IF you keep trying the search engine will usually find it, but not until you are totally frustrated.  I know I’ve tried it. It was a hard way to learn a lesson and I lost a lot of sales because of it. So, if you want to publish a book, make sure you do NOT use initials.  My second book in the series will have my full name spelled out: Barbara A. Cole. I can only hope I saved a lot of you authors out there the trouble I ran in to.

Time for me to get back to work.  I do hope some of you will stop by and say hello and if you read the book to let me know how you liked it.


Barbara A. Cole


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