My name is Barb Cole. My word press site is:

I am here because I am a published author who loves to write. I am hoping this course will teach me more about widgets, tags, categories, and reassembling my site to become more welcoming to my visitors. I am looking forward to trying new themes, possibly adding hot buttons, featured images. It will be interesting to try out a two, three, or even a four column site and to combine colors and flags.

My first publication was: “Parisite”. Instead of getting right into the sequel to that book,  “Parisite the Recovery “which I am writing now and can say it is more than half finished. I became involved in writing another book called
“Echoes of Horror”. the first time I sent it to a publisher I received a very nice rejection letter. She said that “I was a very good writer but that it was more paranormal than mystery and they were only publishing mysteries at that time. She went on to encourage me to keep sending the book out. One day I might just write a good mystery and send it to her.

Back to “Parasite the Recovery”. I have received many calls from people who are getting impatient about this sequel and have specific questions they want answered like exactly when the book is coming out, does the wedding come off, and does the main character, Rodger, live through the next book? So I decided to stop spending time with “Echoes of Evil” and only work on “Parasite the Recovery.

There is one thing I need to say about the way in which I printed my name on the cover.  This was a lesson I learned the hard way. I used my initials B. A. Cole on the cover. I did not know at the time that search engines have a hard time with initials. So, many prospective customers could not find the book on Amazon or any place else. I bring this up here because if there is anyone out there who does not know about the problem between initials and search engines then you now have knowledge that will help you to stay away from that pitfall.

I am looking forward to this class and meeting all of you.


Barbara A. Cole (bacole writer@wordpress .com)


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