In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inside the Bubble.”

I would want at least twenty books that I’ve been wanting to read and have been too busy to start. I would also need a notebook with several pens, three or four pillows to prop me up, a picture of my husband to inspire me, and some good lighting.

It would have to be a clear tube so I could look out at my smiling family, especially my wonderful husband who I know would be there every day.

It would also be nice to have some elastic exercise bands because when I got out with a clean bill of health I would want to continue training for my next marathon. When I run, I think and I get a lot of great ideas for my continuing story lines.

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  1. I have been running marathons for six years. My son got me into it. He was very heavy and started walking, then running, and then biking. After a few small runs like for example, Pat’s Run, he entered an iron-man competition. By this time he had lost over a hundred pounds. So far he has finished twelve iron-man’s and two lead-man competitions. He travels all over the United States to participate. He eventually lost over two hundred pounds and continues to train for and enter triathlons.We are very proud of him.

    I continued to train and eventually participated in P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll marathons and five Pat’s runs. I have several metals and I am now training for the next P.F.Changs race in Tempe AZ, in November of 2016.

    I love training and have found that it helps me keep in shape and keep my weight where I want it. I recommend this type of exercise to everyone no matter your age, fitness level, or current weight. My husband can’t run or barely walk these days because he fell off a twelve foot roof and broke both of his feet and heels. The femur bones in his calves went right through his heels and the x-rays looked like cracked eggs. But he is tough and after a year he was standing on his feet again. He likes to say his recovery was only possible because of his wife who was a dedicated nurse to him every minute of that year. And, although he cannot walk for more than five minutes at a time he can and does ride his Specialized bike and goes out with me every morning and as I jog, walk, or run he rides beside me to make sure nothing happens to me. I think I’ve mentioned before that he is the best husband in the whole world.

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